Would it be better to choose an iron or wooden desktop bookshelf


Advantages and disadvantages of iron bookshelves
The advantages of iron bookshelves are actually very obvious. For example, iron bookshelves have good support and can place many books on them without deformation; Iron bookshelves are easy to move and can be assembled according to one's preferences, making them more practical; Iron bookshelves have a larger capacity but a smaller area, allowing us to fully utilize desktop space; The most important point is that the price of iron bookshelves is relatively low, and the cost performance of purchasing iron bookshelves will be higher; Of course, the disadvantage of iron bookshelves is also quite obvious, that is, their aesthetics need to be strengthened, and there are too few styles available for us to choose from.
Advantages and disadvantages of wooden bookshelves
The advantages of wooden bookshelves are obvious. The texture of wooden bookshelves is very good, and the concave and convex wooden texture is very flavorful; It can integrate with the decoration around us, improve the comfort of our indoor decoration, and make our office space more warm; There are many styles and shapes of wooden bookshelves that can provide us with more choices; Wooden bookshelves also have many drawbacks, such as high cost, variability, and large space occupation.