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16 years engaged in the design and development of bamboo products

Wuyishan Hongyuan New Environmental Protection New Material CO.,LTD located in wuyishan city in the northern of Fujian Province. Our factory’s mainly products is small furniture, Such as high-grade bamboo small scaled furniture, bathroom series, bamboo kitchen series, ETC. 

  • Strong technical force
  • Have their own bamboo crafts research and development center
  • Independent research and development of more than 500 kinds
  • Product design is novel
  • Green environmental protection
  • Process quality is good
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Our Company Vision

Create a production benchmark in the bamboo and wood products industry, and build a humanistic and happy company.





How about a solid wood computer desk

Firstly, the computer desk should be sturdy and stable overall, and the desktop should be as wide as possible. A sturdy desktop ensures that the computer is safely and stably placed on the desktop. Ordinary computer desks are constructed with frames. Although frames are inexpensive, they are not sturdy. When using them, it is advisable to lean the computer against other large and sturdy furniture for stability. If necessary, additional nails can be added. The computer chassis, speaker, mouse, file rack, external MIODEM, printer, and scanner should all be placed on the desktop. To ensure a certain amount of space is left around the computer to ensure good ventilation, there should be enough space on the desktop. The computer desk should be made of exquisite materials, designed in a novel manner, and planned reasonably. The computer desk should be made of high-quality and wear-resistant materials as much as possible, and screws and related components should be made of high-strength iron nails. The design of the computer desk is also very heavy, and the height of the desktop, keyboard and desktop, power cable routing, etc. should be designed reasonably to meet the needs of work habits and physical health. The height of the computer desk is very important. When we sit at the desk, our hands should be naturally placed on the desk, and our elbows should be bent at 90 ℃, which is the suitable height for your computer. The keyboard mini desktop is usually located under the desktop and can be pulled out to save space. However, sufficient space should be saved in front of the keyboard to support the trick, which will make the operator feel warm and smooth during operation. Whether the power cable runs uniformly, safely, and smoothly will also affect the normal operation of the computer and peripherals. If there are two square holes designed on the desktop, allowing the power and cable cables to be threaded down separately, it looks quite neat and reduces the magnetic field between computer signals. The color and quality of the computer desk. The color of the computer desk is naturally related to the owner's preferences, but it is also important to refer to the computer, furniture, or office environment. It is best to have a different or similar color to the environment, and of course, to use a similar color (such as black or dark green) to highlight your computer. To ensure the quality of computer desks, reputable brands and sellers should be selected, so that quality and after-sales service can be guaranteed. Of course, the quality is better, and the price will naturally be higher. Therefore, when choosing a computer desk, it is important to consider the price appropriately. Choose a low back chair that can rotate. The computer chair should preferably be able to rotate, so that when using the computer, you can still find the materials or tools you need in place. The height of the seat must be adjustable, and the cushion of the seat should be soft, and the backrest should not be too high. When purchasing in practice, you can separate your computer and its peripherals to see if the model fits you. Then, shake the table to see how stable the computer table is. Try to see if each drawer and the pulley at the bottom of the table can slide freely. Check if the paint on the table surface is uneven, if the edges of the table are intact, if there are any defects such as warping or serration, and how the leather packaging of the seats is. Finally, there is the installation of computer desks and chairs. The computer desk should be placed near the window to facilitate ventilation, but direct sunlight should not be allowed on the desktop and computer.