How to choose a coat rack


Nowadays, there are many choices for coat racks and the materials used for making them are not single. When selecting, the following points can be considered:
1. Wooden coat rack: Wooden coat rack is an earlier and more common material. Solid wood coat racks are generally made of flower wood, rubber wood, beech wood, pine wood, or poplar wood. In terms of practicality, solid wood coat racks are slightly heavier than metal coat racks, which can provide better balance and support.
Most wooden coat racks are dark colored, giving the impression of simplicity and stability, making them suitable for placement in spaces with classical styles and predominantly wooden furniture. The common classical styles are Chinese and European. If there are many carved decorations on the coat rack, it can be used to support the elegance of European classical style; If the line design is smooth, it will complement each other when placed in a new Chinese style space.
2. Metal materials are often associated with industrial songs in the impression of most people, so the feeling conveyed is also more modern. In some modern style decoration, metal materials are also commonly seen as the main expressive element. If it is a metal coat hanger, it can be decorated in modern minimalist style or the popular loft industrial style space.
The metal materials used for coat racks are also divided into stainless steel, alloy, and iron. Iron coat racks should be kept away from moisture and rust.
3. There is also a coat rack made of rattan. Vine furniture and decorations are often seen in Southeast Asian styles, which can give people a strong sense of tropical charm. When using a coat rack made of this material, it is also important to avoid dampness, as it is prone to mold and insects.