How to choose a coat rack


How to choose a coat hanger? A coat hanger is a simple furniture used for storing clothing and accessories in home life. Since there is more than one material used to make a coat hanger, it can also be used to decorate different decoration styles. So how to choose a specific coat rack? Summarize some experiences for reference.
Four principles to follow when choosing a coat rack
Choosing a coat rack, like purchasing other home products, requires consideration in terms of aesthetics, practicality, economy, and environmental protection.
For example, when purchasing a clothes rack, its main function is to hang and store clothes, so the primary consideration is the load-bearing capacity of the clothes rack. If it is a floor mounted coat rack, the balance and support requirements for the coat rack are also relatively high.
The beauty of a coat hanger depends on everyone's preferences and the design of the hanger itself. On the other hand, the texture of the hanger should be coordinated with the decoration style, otherwise even if the design is brilliant, it will appear very abrupt.
The high or low price of a coat rack depends on the materials used. Generally speaking, plastic and rattan hangers are more cost-effective, while metal and wood hangers are more expensive.
Although the area occupied by the coat rack is not large, if inferior materials are used, especially when treating the surface of the coat rack, such as painting, merchants use paint with high formaldehyde content to save costs. Long term use can also have a significant impact on physical health.